The company Pujadas, was established in 1921 and has a long history as a manufacturer of utensils, storage systems, transport and small equipment, that provides a cross-cutting service to the HORECA channel. Continuous improvement, attention to detail and personalized treatment towards our customers have always been our primary aspiration. We were founded near Barcelona, halfway between the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, in one of the main gastronomic and ecotourism destinations in the world. This unique enclave has marked the fundamentals of our brand, challenged us every day to maintain the same level of quality, demand, freshness and innovation that the tourism sector applies. At Pujadas, we believe in teamwork. Passion for a job well done builds reliability and commitment to our clients.

Vollrath Pujadas develops and manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of utensils and professional equipment for the Food service channel.

We maintain faithful and lasting relationships with our customers, and we try to learn every day through continuous improvement, commitment and honesty.

We develop products that think about energy efficiency, durability and food waste control to increase the profitability of each business. Permanent quality controls, reliable service and an almost century-old tradition endorse us.

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